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Joel Whitlock M.S. LMHC

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to connect!

You likely wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t struggling with the pressures of life, and the demands placed upon you from both internal and external sources. I would like to take the time to acknowledge that where you are in your journey to find help is challenging and I am here to make that process as smooth as I am able.

The first thing to know about me is that I attempt to live my life in an authentic manner that honors my truth, self-identity, and worldview; while helping others discover what that may look like for them. Some of the roles I fill in my life are husband, father, son, sibling, friend, mentor, and helper. While each of these roles is unique and requires special attention, they each contribute to my passion in life and therapeutic approach.

I began my journey to becoming a therapist almost a decade ago, when I realized my previous career in healthcare management was not aligned with my passions and purpose in life. I found myself running businesses for other people who were focused on profits and growth, but lacking a focus on people and connection, which is where my heart finds fulfillment. It was then I decided to change my career path and further my knowledge in the human experience. With the goal of learning how to connect with others in a meaningful way that can lead to growth and healing, I pursued my education and licensure as a clinical mental health counselor.

Through a person centered approach, which employs a wide variety of evidence based interventions, I work with my clients to achieve their goals in a way that fits them individually. I believe that every person is unique and can benefit from unconditional acceptance and compassion. By creating this environment of acceptance, we are able to identify areas that you want to change and implement strategies tailored to your experience. I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to help you along your journey.